1000 Run Details

Update Jun 12, 2020: The new plan is to have a the 1000’s run in. WE HAVE SET A DATE – Aug 28, 2020. More details to follow soon.

Update May 22, 2020: The new plan is to have a the 1000’s run in August/September. Click HERE to vote on which weekend works best.

Update Mar 27, 2020: We are just going to hang tight until things settle out. On On

Update Feb 21, 2020: 1000’s Run Update Details – Preliminary numbers show we are looking around $100 per person for the “All-in” weekend Package (3 Runs, All alcohol, Hotel Friday, BBQ Saturday, Lunch Sunday, T-Shirt and Mug, Swag Bag with over-achiever bonus). 

– Friday Jun 5, 2020 – Pub Crawl (Poker Derby)
– Saturday Jun 6, 2020 – Birds Hill Park (Sorry Muff, West Hawk was just too far). There will be a couple different trails (Ballbreakers, Easy and Walking Trail) followed by circle and BBQ (Suds will be cooking)
– Sunday Jun 7, 2020 – Hangover hash from The Nob or La Barrier Park (Circle and some food)

There will be a registration page on the website (what could possibility go wrong) at  www.whhh.ca within a couple weeks.
The plan will be people can register for the entire weekend or just events they want to attend. Since we will be buying supplies ahead of time we will need to collect money up front. Pita is looking into E-Transfers and The Square.

Swag:  The plan is to order a shirt (we are looking for ideas) and a nice beer glass beer mug (If you have other ideas let us know). There will also be “Overachiever” swag for people that can make all 3 events.
Any questions, email: winnipeghashhouseharriers@gmail.co